Whether your Ford or Mercury car or van CRANKS however DOES NOT start or runs with a MISFIRE Condition, this write-up is because that you. With the tests I"m gonna" present you, you"ll be able to pinpoint the problem to the ignition manage module or the ignition coil or the profile Ignition Pickup sensor (PIP sensor) or the spark plug wires or the distributor cap.

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This tutorial uses to both the Gray colored ignition control module and the Black colored ignition regulate module. The Gray fancy ignition control module is called the Push begin Module and the Black colored ignition manage module is referred to as the Computer regulated Dwell Module. These ignition manage modules (ICM) space not interchangeable but are experiment in the specific same way.

Also, the picture (in the image viewer) display some the the test performed on a V8 engine. This could make friend think the they don"t apply to her 3.0L, 3.8L V6. Well nothing could be more from the truth. All of these test steps use to both the V8, V6 and L6 Ford engines.

As you deserve to see from the image of the ignition control module (in the picture viewer top top the left), the tests apply to the fender an installed Ford ignition manage module.

If you have to test the distributor mounted Ford ignition regulate module, click here: exactly how To check The Ford Distributor mounted Ignition manage Module (ICM). To test the Ford Coil-On-Plug ignition coils (4.6L and also 5.4L V8 engines), view this accuse here: Ford Coil-On-Plug (COP) Ignition Coil Tests.

friend can uncover this tutorial in Spanish here: Cómo Probar El Módulo De Encendido De Ford (at: autotecnico-online.com).

How walk This kind Of Ignition control Module Work?

Here"s a tiny background info to aid you diagnose this no spark condition. In a nutshell, as soon as the device is functioning properly and also you rotate the crucial to crank and start your Ford automobile or truck:

The distributor shaft starts to revolve which causes the PIP (Profile Ignition Pickup) sensor to start generating the crankshaft place signal.The ignition manage module (ICM), upon receiving this PIP signal, starts come ‘open and also close’ the ignition coil"s major current. As you might already be aware, it"s this activity that provides the ignition coil spark.The fuel injection computer likewise receives the PIP Signal in ~ the very same time that the ignition module does.Once the engine STARTS, the fuel injection computer takes over the ignition timing.

The PIP sensor is at the love of this fender an installed ignition regulate module and also ignition system. Right here are some advantageous facts the you should be mindful of around the PIP (Profile Ignition Pickup) sensor:

The PIP sensor is situated in the distributor.It"s a room Effect form sensor.It produce a digital square wave if that is signal is experiment on one Oscilloscope.This signal can also be tested v an LED light (which is the an approach I"ll use in this article).If the goes bad, the your Ford auto or truck will certainly CRANK yet NOT START.

What Tools perform I need For The Ignition Module Test?

No expensive devices are required to test this form of ignition system. Now, having said that, there some very specific tools that ns recommend to use for the tests. So, here"s the straightforward list:

A Spark testerDon"t usage a regular spark plug instead of a dedicated spark tester.Don"t pull the spark plug wire off that the spark plug as the engine is cranking or running. This will offer a false an outcome and/or damages the ignition coil.An LED Light.Automotive 12 Volt check light.Multimeter.A cheapie one will do.Repair manual.For everything other info this write-up does not cover.Helper.To assist you crank the engine when you watch the LED irradiate (or check light or multimeter).

By the way, friend don"t need an automotive scan device for any of these tests.

Where carry out We Start?

The very very first thing we"ll execute is test for spark v a spark tester.

Then we"ll the basics choose battery voltage and engine Ground come the ignition regulate module.

After that, we"ll test the ignition coil switching signal the the module generates in action.

From the outcomes you acquire you"ll have the ability to pinpoint the no-start problem to one of the following:

The spark plug wires.The distributor cap.The ignition coil.The ignition regulate module (ICM).The profile Ignition Pickup (PIP) sensor.

Or totally eliminate all of these ignition system materials as the cause of the no-start problem.

IMPORTANT: all of the tests room ON automobile TESTS, do not remove the ignition control module assembly from the auto (if the photos present the module assembly off of the vehicle, it"s only for illustration purposes). Also, the battery have to be in a fully charged problem for all tests in this article.

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Ignition system Diagnostic manual Download

This tutorial has a many the information you"ll must diagnose and also solve the ignition system trouble causing her Ford vehicle"s no-start trouble or a misfire problem.

But, if you"d prefer to have access to a wiring diagram, ignition component connector pin-outs, and also the entire testing procedure in one place, climate take a look at the following: