1943 penny value shows its unique status in ~ the Wheat cent series. A standard technique is used to located exactly how much its precious on the chart. Collectors space interested in a few main factors to any type of coin: day | Mint note | Condition

Date and mint note collecting room a main emphasis to collections. Each mix is valued and detailed on the chart.

Also important to collectors is problem of a coin. Grading problem is guided by standards. A much better than median 1943 cent stands the end over lesser problem coins. Values climb v these upper grades.


Steps leading to Value:

Step 1: Date and Mintmark variety – determine each date and also its mintmark variety.

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Step 2: Grading problem – Judge condition to identify grade.Step 3: Special features – certain elements either improve or detract indigenous value.
1943 Lincoln penny ValueCondition that CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1943 Lincoln Penny value Up-Dated2021
1943 Zinc$0.08 $0.15 $0.28 $1.25
1943 D Zinc$0.09 $0.18 $0.38 $2.26
1943 S Zinc$0.15 $0.23 $0.63 $3.22

Placing specific value on your 1943 penny complies with a action by action process. Step one is to confirm precise Date and Mint note variety. Photos used to locate mint marks find its specific place on the chart.

Second step, is one appraisal that condition. Corresponding your coin to grading images gives a good indication of its condition. That is vital to judge her coin against both the images and descriptions. Steel alloy the 1943 cents has a couple of considerations effecting its market acceptance.

Identity that Date and also Mint Mark starts the process.

Step 1: | Date and also Mintmark Combination

Identify Listing the 1943 Varieties

Unique in united state mint history, three arrays of these 1943 cents were struck. Interest remains high in addition to demand. A ingredient of steel, coated with zinc, bring about their distinctive color, sets this coins apart. Manufacturing was big 8th highest possible in the wheat series, 1,093,838,670 totals; as soon as combining all mints.

1943 Lincoln Penny

No Mintmark Under Date: Philadelphia Mint to win the Coin


Philadelphia"s high mintage of 1943 pennies, (684,628,670) is the fifth highest of any kind of year wheat cent. These coins are on a rarity range of Abundant. Saving at the time contributes to the supply today.

Deterioration is a concern, rusting the the underlying stole is accelerated once the outer protective zinc is worn and removed. Absence of dark surface is a coin above average in preservation.

1943-D Lincoln Penny

"D" Mintmark Under Date: Denver Mint struck the Coin


Abundant ~ above a rarity scale. Denver 1943 cents are in demand since of your uniqueness. Really popular through collectors. A light sliver grey is their normal appearance as soon as worn, was standing out and easily spotted. Countless were traction from circulation.

Found in a wide selection of conditions, preferable examples are lacking of both rust native the steel core and discoloration the the zinc.

1943-S Lincoln Penny

"S" Mintmark Under Date: mountain Francisco Mint to win the Coin


San Francisco to win 191,550,000 zinc coated steel pennies in 1943, 3th highest amount in a solitary year wheat cent. Representing the only year that this composition, interest remains high. Young collectors look for coins with the least amount that wear. Advanced collections pick from the many obtainable in "like new" condition.

Quality that the surface is provided as conveniently fading. Preferable is a finish coating that zinc. Numerous coins removed from circulation have only touch of stay retaining a satisfaction appearance. High areas to inspect are Lincoln"s beard and also hair.

Step 2: | Judge problem to determine Grade

Special Grading features Find 1943 coin Value

A 1943 coin is distinct in the numismatic collectible team of wheat cents. Historical value is high. Technical and aesthetics grading determines value to collectors. A grade defines its state that condition and is supplied by collectors to help judge the worth.

Handle the coin gently, hold the edges only preventing touching the surface. Steel alloy is the underlying composition that the coin and also reacts come moisture creating rust. Precautions help preserve the future problem of the coin.


Uncirculated Grade: A really distinctive blue-white luster shines native a mint state - uncirculated 1943 cent. This coins are struck native a zinc coated stole alloy. Luster and also its structure remain intact to with the uncirculated grade.

Zinc, the outer coating, is vulnerable to dulling if disturbed. Handling and also circulating through commerce easily start the procedure of metal removal. Highest locations to judge for finish luster are Lincoln"s temple, cheek, and jaw. Together you tilt the coin under a light confirm no division in shine space evident.

Noticeability absent are tiny spots due to humidity. Zinc exposed to moisture develops a white soft power, zinc oxide. This instance was well maintained over time.

Extremely fine Grade: A irradiate amount of wear clearly shows to high locations places this coin in the very Fine grade.

Lincoln"s portrait shows evidence of wear border to just high points. Curls that hair space flattened but major waves stay separated. His temple, cheek, and jaw are smooth and flat top top the highest possible ridges. No areas of wear type connections to every other.

A natural blue-grey color is presented by the areas of the coin, highlighting the legends and devices. Lacking is any kind of rust. Circulation wear has removed only tiny portions of the external zinc coating. Preservation in a dry location has actually resulted in a collectible great 1943 steel penny.

Collectible Grade: Qualities the these distinctive 1943 pennies involve unique considerations in condition less than extremely Fine grade. Wear has removed enough design and also metal indigenous the two instances to grade lower than exceptionally fine ~ above a technical basis.

The penny on the left is worn transparent the hair, face, and also coat that Lincoln. Top surfaces are plainly flattened and smoothed. Noticeable is the significant elements stay separated and none are linked due to wear. The second penny is worn come the point design aspects are beginning to connect. A distinct merging of Lincoln"s hair and forehead is visible.

Both are in the collectible grading range. One is a solid Fine grade and the slightly lower problem example is a satisfaction collectible 1943 penny. Important in this problem a strong eye appeal is projected by both coins. Darker tones that grey in ~ the areas highlight lighter tones that the devices.

Video | Grading Lincoln Wheat Pennies

Place greater grade coins in individual holders. Tiny zip lock bags space a good temporary solution. For greater value coins, Grading Lincoln Wheat Pennies expands on the grading process with video, descriptions, and also images.

Step 3: | Special qualities Enhancing Value

Step 3: detect Special features of a 1943 steel Penny

1943 steel cents record interest that collectors. Their history is directly associated with WWII. A shortage the copper linked with a need to carry out coinage to business forced the mint to usage an different alloy. Releasing up lots of copper for the war effort, the now renowned steel coated zinc combination was developed. It is the only use in united state coinage of this alloy. It did but present a couple of problems. Automatically the mint known the steel was harsh ~ above coining dies, reducing die life.

Secondly, once the new metal composition was released right into circulation rust and oxidization was now a brand-new consideration to collectors in judging qualities of this coins.

Zinc, the security coating, as soon as worn, exposed underlying steel. Additionally, zinc creates an oxide creating a white powder coating come the metal. Common humidity in the air gift a an obstacle to maintain a 1943 cent. Proof of both rust and also oxidation room visible on the instance coins. Values of these stole pennies is greatly diminished by the troubles rust creates. Collector preference are coins without rust.

One wide spread market development was the development of "Reprocessed" 1943 stole Pennies. Easy circulated cents were cleaned and also recoated to a excellent shine by exclusive firms. Surface of the coins lack the sparkle the luster only feasible by the striking that a coin v dies. Frequently sold in set of three to incorporate Philadelphia, Denver, and also San Francisco issues. These are thought about novelty items and also have no collector value. Originality is the vital to value.

Eye appeal is crucial consideration by collectors when picking a coin to include to your collection. Each of the over are worn 1943 steel cent displaying wear to the surface. Problems are missing from the surfaces, however. No larges nicks odor the eye and rust is not present. Deep grey blue fields are smooth and also not pitted. A lighter the shade of silver-grey highlights the design. Worn stole pennies through eye very nice are renowned with beginning collectors and also a fascinating to younger collectors.

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