Silver dollars were an initial introduced in the so late 1700s, yet Morgan silver dollars showed up in the 19th century and became an immediate success. Even though mints didn’t develop them because that long, they room still extremely popular amongst collectors in the US.

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You can discover 1885 Morgan silver dollars in a couple of variations, depending on the mint wherein there were produced. Besides the condition, the mint note or its lack is crucial for determining the 1885 Morgan silver- dollar value. Let’s see.

1885 Morgan silver- Dollars

Four American mints created 19,512,930 Morgan silver- dollars in 1885, including proof pieces. Each includes 90% or 0.7735 troy ounces (24 g) of silver- worth $18.42 on September 15, 2021.

Thanks come the historical and sentimental value this coin has for every collector, its mean price is always greater than the value of the silver it contains.

1885 Morgan silver dollar

Philadelphia1885 proof930$3,100+
San Francisco1885 S1,497,000$50
New Orleans1885 O9,185,000$35
Carson City1885 CC228,000$550

So, you can uncover this dissension in very great condition for around $30, but you have to be all set that the one produced in Carson City is an ext expensive. The coin the the very same grade will price you at the very least $500.

As you have probably expected, Morgans graded multiple sclerosis 65 will price you about $200. The exact same coin minted in Carson City deserve to reach a worth of $975 come 1,200, while the price that those developed in san Francisco is at least $1,500 come $2,200.

1885 Morgan silver Dollar Grading

It is always tricky grading a coin that is end a century old. You deserve to expect that most pieces were in circulation because that a long, for this reason their problem is rarely top-notch.

Therefore, most collectors prefer having the coin tested before the purchase. Friend can often determine the coin problem on her own, but it is far better to above a skilled for the most expensive ones.

Coin grading is a serious job, but you will typically need simple knowledge to identify the coin of different qualities. Let’s see.

Uncirculated 1885 Morgan silver- dollar


You can take into consideration coins in uncirculated problem only those the never went into use. Therefore, they have actually retained the raised design and original structure they had in the time appropriate after minting. Together you deserve to imagine, this pieces are the most preferable for collectors.

Even coins in the produced state deserve to vary in quality. An skilled will notification the an initial wear ~ above Liberty’s coronet and hair.

MS 65 uncirculated condition – together a coin has a strong luster v a few slight, right noticeable call marks.MS 63 uncirculated condition – You deserve to see reflective surfaces through a couple of blemishes but without significant flaws.MS 60 uncirculated condition – that is noticeable that the coin has actually luster without indicators of wear yet with a couple of surface marks.

Extra well 1885 Morgan silver dollar


This coin maintain a satisfaction appearance and sharpness. However, you deserve to see slim wear the the highest design suggest tops, mostly Liberty’s hair above her forehead.

Fine 1885 Morgan silver- dollar


Fine grading means your coin spent some time in circulation, however it continued to be undamaged. Nevertheless, you deserve to see clearly shows scratching over its surface and a moderate lose of details.

Good 1885 Morgan silver- dollar


Unfortunately, this coin is no in the wanted condition because its surface is smooth come the touch. Although it spent too lot time in use, part collectors evaluate such graded pieces. Be ready that its worth is tied to the precious steel content except for the rarely coins produced in Carson City.

1885 Morgan silver Dollar Types

1885 Morgan silver- dollar without a mint mark

The Philadelphia mint created 17,787,000 Morgan silver- dollars with a challenge value the $1 and 930 proof coins in 1885. They have no mint mark, are 0.859 trojan ounces (26.73 g) heavy, and also contain 0.77344 troy ounces (24.05 g) silver. The best coins produced this year the you can uncover on the market are graded multiple sclerosis 68. The many expensive one was sold for $29,950 in ~ an auction.

If you have actually an plain 1885 Morgan silver- dollar, girlfriend can acquire at the very least $18.72 for it. Due to the fact that the current silver clues price is $24.21 every 1 troy ounce (31.1 g), you can conveniently calculate the value of silver her coin contains.

1885 Morgan silver dollar value by USA Coin book

Quality18851885 S1885 O1885 CC
Very good$33$48$33$502
Very fine$45$60$45$599
Extra fine$47$75$47$641
About uncirculated$50$124$50$653
Mint state 60$60$285$60$772
Mint state 65$200$2,229$200$1,203
Proof 63$3,143///

1885 CC Morgan silver dollar

The Carson City mint created only 228,000 Morgan silver- dollars in 1885, and also it to be the last year of their minting prior to a four-year pause. The primary reason because that this break-off was a lack of a continual bullion supply, make 1885 CC a semi-key date for this coins.

Experts calculation that just 10% or much less of this short mintage was in circulation, and the last piece were sold in 1980, during the GSA Morgan dollar sale.

Therefore, this Morgans room rare coins nevertheless of circulated grades. As a result, demand for this dollars and their prices are always significantly high.

You can find 1885 CC Morgan dollars as much as MS 66 that can reach a price that $2,000. The best known coins are MS 68, but there space no much more than ten pieces in this grade. Among them was sold at an auction because that an impressive $135,125.

1885 Morgan silver- dollar value by Gainesville coins

Quality18851885 S1885 O1885 CC
Very fine$36$57$36$620
Extra fine$38$81$38$637
About uncirculated$45$134$45$637
Mint state 61$59$358$59$670
Mint state 63$68$448$68$715
Mint state 65$159$1,560$159$975
Auction record$29,950

(MS 68)


(MS 67)


(MS 68)


(MS 68)

1885 O Morgan silver- dollar

The new Orleans mint developed an incredible number of 9,185,000 Morgan dollars in 1885, yet they didn’t enter circulation in ~ the time. The reason was the 1878 Bland-Allison Act the required turning silver bullion worth $2 million into silver dollars monthly.

Most of this coins obtained stuck in the brand-new Orleans mint vaults till the federal government shut it under in 1909. Then, uncirculated 1885 CC Morgan dollars ended up in the us Treasury vaults in Washington and Philadelphia mint warehouse vaults.

They went into circulation from the 1930s come the 1950s after paying out to banks at challenge value. Many of them to be melted in the 1970s for your silver value. However, at least five million of these coins room still top top the market, consisting of over 30,000 instances in mint condition.

Nowadays, it is the most typical uncirculated Morgan dollar developed in the brand-new Orleans mint. Together you have the right to imagine, no one wants to buy the circulated examples since mint state 1885-O Morgan dollars prices are fairly low. The auction record for one ms 68 is $37,600.

1885 Morgan silver- dollar worth by JM Bullion

CoinExtra good qualityUncirculated quality
1885 Morgan dollar$39$41
1885 S Morgan dollar$63$110
1885 O Morgan dollar$39$41
1885 CC Morgan dollar$570$590

1885 S Morgan silver dollar

The 1885 Morgan dollar mintage in the mountain Francisco mint was simply under a million and a half, and most collectors didn’t pay any attention come this coin until the 1950s. Nowadays, that is a scarce coin, an especially in multiple sclerosis 65 grade, yet it is basically no a rarely mintage.

Unfortunately, the way of storing most mint state 1885 S Morgan dollars to be bad, so they usually have actually innumerable bag marks. Consequently, friend can find them in the lower grades from ms 60 to multiple sclerosis 62, however rarely more quality ones.

The mean Morgan dollar produced in mountain Francisco this year has actually a frosty luster however is weakly to win in the middle. You must be patient, invest time, and make an initiative to discover a high solution struck and unblemished coin, however its price will be considerably over the average.

In other words, friend can find the mean coin because that $35 come $45, yet you require to set aside over $2,000 for the one in certified multiple sclerosis 65 condition. The most expensive 1885 S Morgan dissension graded ms 67 was sold on one auction because that $48,875.

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Since the 1885 Morgan silver dollar is older 보다 one hundreds years, it will certainly be enough to check its problem and type when determining its price. Every coin value will substantially vary depending on its grade, certificate, and the mint that developed it. Be careful since there room some counterfeit coins top top the market.