These united state silver dollars were designed through a male named George Morgan, therefore collectors call them Morgan Dollars. They are very prized collectibles.Most Morgans you view today room "common date" coins. 1921 is the most common of the common dates, as numerous millions that them to be made. Coins with much better dates, not usual dates, are provided below. They are an ext valuable.To figure the value of a united state Morgan silver dollar, start with its basic silver value. Each Morgan silver- dollar coin consists of 0.773 troy ounces the silver. Usage a web site such together to uncover the present price of silver- in united state dollars per troy ounce, climate multiply that price through 0.773 to calculate the base value (BV) of the coin. The value can never go lower than BV. Because that instance, if the worth of silver is $20 per troy ounce, the basic silver value would it is in 0.773 x 20 = $15.50.NEVER CLEAN A COIN. CLEANING ruins VALUE.Never clean or polish Morgan dollars. Cleaning, polishing, scraping, sanding, brushing, making use of steel wool, and also all abrasive procedures ruin value.Values show up on this page for common dates first, climate the much better dates. Common dates room those that carry out not show up in the much better date listing. To obtain these values, a coin should be complimentary of all troubles such together scratches, spots, stains, cleanings, nicks, holes, dings, scuffs, and any other kind the damage.COMMON day MORGAN DOLLARS (except coins dated 1921):worn: BV + $3 sleeve valueaverage circulated: BV + $5well preserved: BV + $10fully uncirculated: BV + $25MORGAN DOLLARS dated 1921 (includes coins v mint marks):circulated: BV + $3 sleeve valuefully uncirculated: BV + $8The values above are approximate sleeve prices, the is, prices payment by collectors or investor for Morgans castle buy native coin dealers. If you desire to sell your Morgan dollar to a coin dealer, he or she will certainly pay substantially less than retail. For single coins, margins can be as high as 100%, the is, one-half retail. Because that a big number of coins, margins have the right to go method down. Coin dealers usage the spare part to save their company afloat.Note: if you have actually a 1921 peace silver dollar, and not a 1921 Morgan silver- dollar (the photo on this page shows a Morgan dollar), you have a beneficial coin. View our appraisal web page for tranquility dollars at this link .There are details dates and also mint clues in the Morgan dollar series that are far better dates. Look for the mint mark (S, O, or CC) under the wreath on the back of the coin. Those with CC mint marks (CC = Carson City, Nevada mint), command particularly high prices.Better day Morgans show up in the list below. The worths at the appropriate of each day is an approximate catalog value because that coins in median circulated condition. To obtain these values, a coin should be totally free of all difficulties such as scratches, spots, stains, cleanings, nicks, holes, dings, scuffs, and any various other kind that damage. Coins in much better condition, e.g., well preserved, fully uncirculated, are worth much more.

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Coins in worn problem are worth around one-third of this values.BETTER days (for typical dates, check out the table further up on this page)1878CC: $100 us dollars approximate brochure value1879CC: $2501880CC: $1801881CC: $3501884CC: $1201885CC: $5001888S: $1501889CC: $11001892CC: $3501892S: $1201893: $2001893CC: $6001893O: $3001893S: $45001894: $11001895: $250001895O: $3501895S: $7501899: $1501902S: $1201903O: $3001903S: $190Be sure you recognize what "catalog" means, as this is one inflated value. Inspect our Terminology page for an explanation.Hope you have actually an 1895!

Coin: 832, Genre: united States, Timeline: people Created (yyyymm): 200906, critical review: 201812 Appearance: normal round coin Metallic gray Letters: Latin Years: sort: 1878, filter: 1878 to 1921 Image: us_morgan_dollar_unc.jpg initial inquiry: e pluribus unum united says of america in god us trust one dissension eagle hair liberty eagle stars liberty wreath tiera crown tiara eagle hawk falcon wreath star starburst