= 3.456 × 1011scientific notation= 3.456e11scientific e notation= 345.6 × 109engineering notationbillion; prefix giga- (G)= 3.456 × 1011standard form11Order of Magnitudefor scientific and also standard forms= 345600000000(real number)= 3 hundred forty-five billion 6 hundred millionword form

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Calculator Use

Convert a number to and from scientific notation, e notation, design notation, traditional form, and also real numbers. Get in a number or a decimal number or scientific notation and also the calculator counter to scientific notation, e notation, design notation, standard form and word form formats.

To enter a number in scientific notation usage a carat ^ to show the strength of 10. Friend can additionally enter numbers in e notation. Examples: 3.45 x 10^5 or 3.45e5.

Order of size will also be identified for the calculated standard form. The bespeak of magnitude once written in conventional form, is the nth strength of 10. For example, 3.4 x 10^5 has an order of size of 5 since 10 is raised to the fifth power.

How to convert a Number to scientific Notation

The ideal format for clinical notation is ax10^b wherein a is a number or decimal number such that the absolute value of a is higher than or same to one and less than ten or, 1≤|a| move the decimal suggest in her number till there is only one non-zero number to the left of the decimal point. The result decimal number is a. count how many places you moved the decimal point. This number is b. If you relocated the decimal come the left b is positive. If you moved the decimal come the right b is negative. If you did not require to relocate the decimal b = 0. create your clinical notation number together a x 10^b and also read it as "a time 10 to the strength of b." eliminate trailing 0"s just if lock were initially to the left the the decimal point.

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Example: convert 357,096 to clinical Notation

relocate the decimal 5 locations to the left to acquire 3.57096 a = 3.57096 We relocated the decimal to the left therefore b is confident b = 5 The number 357,096 converted to scientific notation is 3.57096 x 10^5

Example: convert 0.005600 to clinical Notation

move the decimal 3 locations to the right and also remove top zeros to acquire 5.600 a = 5.600 We moved the decimal come the ideal so b is negative b = -3 The number 0.005600 converted to scientific notation is 5.600 x 10^-3

E notation is basically the same as clinical notation other than that the letter e is substituted for "x 10^".