But as I have actually been walking through several of my older cookbooks, ns realized the there room some ingredients that room unusual and may turn human being off from trying older recipes. Ns don’t desire that to happen. Enlarge recipes room often an excellent recipes.

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One that my purposes for sharing my larger cookbooks is to encourage people to start using several of the older, much more vintage recipes because they are straightforward and classic.

Those cooking recipes get earlier to the basics that many of us love. I don’t want human being to gain discouraged v older recipes just since they call for unusual ingredients.

Some of the ingredients in larger recipes are odd. I will certainly admit that some of the ingredients space things that us don’t desire to use, butmany the them have actually just readjusted names and can conveniently be changed with modern day ingredients.

An example of this is oleo. I am guessing that several of you may not know exactly what the is.

If girlfriend look through old cookbooks or her grandmother’s cooking recipes box, you will probably discover a the majority of recipes that contact for oleo.

Or your mom or grandma may still periodically say oleo as an ingredient as soon as talking about a recipe.


So what is oleo exactly? A lot of of world think the it is butter, but it isn’t butter.

Most of the moment you can look in ~ a recipe and realize that oleo is the fat in the recipe. However did you know that oleo is just margarine? Yes, oleo is margarine not butter.

To acquire an exact meaning for oleo i pulled a Webster’s dictionary off the shelf.

Please call me the someone rather still offers the old fashioned real type of dictionary? we were homeschoolers because that years, therefore I will admit the we have a shelf full of different species of dictionaries.

Old dictionaries. Brand-new dictionaries. And also ones by various publishers. Sometimes I uncover it much simpler to carry out it the old fashioned method and look increase a quick word in a dictionary instead of weeding v all the links that google provides me. This time was one of those times.

So for an accurate definition, follow to mine 1979 Websters dictionary, oleo is margarine, i beg your pardon is likewise known together oleomargarine.

Yes, it the exact same thing as continuous old margarine.


The initial name for margarine was oleomargarine. It supplied to be dubbed just oleo. Then at part point, it readjusted to just being referred to as margarine.

The popularity of oleo/margarine grew throughout wartime because of the shortage the butter. For this reason oleo is no that weird of one ingredient after all.

Well, let me restate that. Oleo is no that unusual of an ingredient. The is quiet a little of an odd ingredient.

I will certainly admit i am a butter person. I like the real thing end the fake one.

However, I thrived up eat margarine. It was cheaper 보다 butter and what we could afford come buy. Yes, ns guess at time we can have bought genuine butter, however then us would have done without other necessary things to consist of for the extra cost.

I completely understand why my mother bought it. Plus, that was promoted as a healthy and balanced thing earlier in the 1970’s and 1980’s. I think many of us flourished up eating it.

I truly obtain why people buy margarine and I will certainly not judge you because that it. Serious I know the struggle of why human being buy it. However I will admit that ns love mine butter and am very thankful the I have room in my grocery budget for it.


So ago to what is oleo?

If you view oleo is a recipe it just means margarine. And here is the thing. I never ever use margarine, so once a recipe calls for oleo, or even margarine, I simply use the real thing. Butter have the right to be provided in place of oleo or margarine in virtually all recipes. I have never had actually a trouble with instead of it.

In all the old recipes that I have tried native cookbooks and from mine grandma, butter has constantly worked in location of the oleo.

So, once you check out a recipe the calls because that oleo, don’t be afraid to shot it. Simply use butter or margarine in place of it because it is the same thing.

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Now ns am curious go you understand what the was?



January 8, 2020 at 2:39 pm

Sweet milk is totality milk. Its commonly a southern term. Ns from the South and grew increase hearing my grandmother use it when referring to entirety milk. Its supplied to describe what sort of milk to use in a cooking recipes or once talking in general. If words sweet milk was claimed it meant totality milk and also not buttermilk which is “ sour”.

I Did! My mother used the ax verbally and in she handwritten recipes. She was and outstanding cook and we didn’t think of the difference as we grew up making use of it shows up you go too. As well as lower cost it to be toasted as being healthier during those eras. Ns teach Adult parenting students as use the ax oleo together a means for them come remember oligodendrocytes which are white in color. About half my students recognize the oleo term and the rather don’t. Fun to watch who does know! give thanks to you for her post!

I’m at this time looking v an old church cookbook native the 70s and also finding many recipes that contact for oleo. I thought it to be margarine, but googled to make sure. I prospered up in the 80s and also my mom constantly just referred to as it margarine. I, however, use real butter now. Give thanks to you for this article!