I obtained an Arduino-compatible board from this indiegogo campaign and also the kit come v 10 330-resistors and also 10 1k-resistors, however I don"t know just how do I determine which resistor is which. The plank forums from the campaign"s authors are broken (try to register/login), then i cannot asking there.

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The resistors have shade patterns printed, yet I don"t recognize what castle mean.


To answer your question:

300 Ohm colors are - Orange - black color - brown

1 K Ohm colors room - Brown - black color - red

Here is the shade coding chart to recognize the resistor values Resistors with four bands are > 1% yongin resistors. Resistors through 5 band space 1% tolerance resistors.

First three bands identify the value of the resistor.

Fourth tape is tolerance of resistor (if only 4 bands top top resistor)



If you deal with resistors frequently and also don"t want to discover the code, prepare come invest in a multimeter that would certainly tell the approximate value of a resistor.


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A 300Ω resistor would have actually the shade code: orange, black, brown.

A 1kΩ resistor has the color code: brown, black, red.

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The fourth band, if present, is the tolerance. (Silver = ±10%, gold = ±5%, Red = ±2%)

This is presume you have carbon ingredient resistors.

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