Chlorine tablets, or “pucks,” space a fast and easy way to change the level of chlorine in her pool. Right here are the best options currently top top the market and what you must know about how ns picked them. Later, we’ll likewise go over exactly how to add them come your swimming pool effectively and safely.

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Chlorine Tablets: Our top Picks

In The swimming 3” swimming pool Chlorine Tablets

⭐ Best all at once

In The swimming sells really effective chlorine tablets, and the bucket come in assorted sizes. I prefer the 50-lb buckets the best, however they likewise come in 10, 25, and also 100-lb (actually 2 50-lb) alternatives as well. Each bucket consists of individually-wrapped 3-inch tablet computers that you deserve to use as directed, commonly in a floater or automatically chlorine feeder.

Safety Note: perform not fall chlorine tablets directly into your pool unless directed to ~ above the product label. This tablets space not meant for that sort of use.

Each of this tablets has enough chlorine to help manage 5,000 to 10,000 gallons of pool water, depending on the concentration of water girlfriend need. The tablets themselves are 99% pure, with about 90% easily accessible chlorine, i beg your pardon is around as high as you can realistically obtain with products like these.

In The swim sells other tablet computer sizes, consisting of 1” chlorine tabs and also 3” at sight Multi-Tabs, yet I think the an easy 3” chlorine tabs space the most efficient for regular household pools. If you have a small pool the 5,000 gallons or less, consider getting the 1” tabs instead.



Minimum accessible Chlorine: 90% Main energetic Ingredient Ratio: 99% Salt Water pool Compatible?: correct Works v Feeders/Floaters?: yes Individually Wrapped?: yes UV-Resistant Tabs?: correct


individual wrappers do these tablet computers safe and easy come handle incredibly high in its entirety purity, with a minimal quantity of stabilizer They have actually a lengthy shelf life easily accessible in sizes big enough to critical a swimming pool for one or more seasons Help carry out a consistent level that chlorine in a pool


heavy buckets have the right to be an overwhelming to store too close come your swimming pool Tablets room fragile and may come to be powder if hit too hard throughout shipping separation, personal, instance wrappers have the right to be hard to open up

Swim finest 3” Swimming swimming pool Stabilized Chlorine Tablets

⭐ jogger Up

Swim Best’s tablets aren’t quite as an excellent as the ones from In The Swim, but they’re still a high-quality product and worth considering if friend can obtain them in ~ a competitive price. Like my Best in its entirety pick, this product come in different sizes, though many stores only focus on the 50-lb buckets. 5-lbs (which i have seen) space a little too small for many people.

On average, each of these tablet computers lasts a week to a week and also a half, with more required for larger pools. That’s true of any chlorine additives, the course, however it’s worth keeping in mental when selecting a floater or chemistry dispenser mechanism to usage in her pool.

While ns like many of this product, a couple of things was standing out together negatives. First, not all of the tablets room sealed an especially well. This method you can gain a the majority of chlorine dust inside the bucket as soon as you open up it, and also that’s no too healthy and balanced to breathe. Be cautious when save on computer this anywhere that chlorine vapors could harm things.

This isn’t usually sufficient to reason chlorine poisoning, however as a swimming pool owner, study up on that anyway so you deserve to recognize that is signs.

Second, these tablets don’t last fairly as long as those from competitors. The actual duration varies based upon many factors, consisting of the circulation of water v your system and the existence of any kind of other chemistry that might hasten your dissolving, however in general, these i will not ~ last fairly as long.

Still, ns don’t desire to sound prefer I’m too harsh. These tablet computers aren’t perfect, yet they’re still much better than practically every other alternative on the market. Simply make sure you obtain a better container to seal them in.



Minimum easily accessible Chlorine: 90% Main active Ingredient Ratio:6% Salt Water pool Compatible?: correctly Works with Feeders/Floaters?: correct Individually Wrapped?: correctly UV-Resistant Tabs?: Unlisted


Widely accessible and fairly affordable compared to alternatives an extremely high purity tablets Well-stabilized and also last a lengthy time when stored properly


Chlorine vapors from the container can damage storage locations The packets aren’t quite sealed properly Some tablets room prone to breaking throughout shipping

In the swimming Cal-Hypo Non-Stabilized swimming pool Chlorine Granules

⭐ best Chlorine Granules

I have something I need to admit: these aren’t appropriate tablets favor the other two commodities on this list. Instead, chlorine granules space fast-dissolving options to granules the you can include to your swimming pool for fast results once tablets no quite fast enough.

The reason I decided to add this product come the list is that tablets alone aren’t always enough to gain your pool wherein it demands to be. The steady release that chlorine is good for keeping a pool, yet when you’re first opening it for the season, you need something faster. That’s where this formula comes right into play.

The non-stabilized formula works conveniently to clean and sanitize pools, including for both shocking and regular use. It doesn’t contain any cyanuric acid, though you may need to pre-dissolve that in water if you have actually a vinyl pool.

Personally, i recommend to buy this in a smaller dimension and including it together needed. Be sure to save it properly, too. Due to the fact that it’s not as steady as tablets, errors in warehouse could cause significantly an ext problems. The 25-lb bucket is great enough for many buyers, yet In The swim sells that in batches of up to 1200 lbs in ~ a time.



Minimum easily accessible Chlorine: 68% Salt Water pool Compatible: yes Works through Feeders/Floaters: No Works with Skimmers/Direct Application: Yes Individually Wrapped?: No


easy to include to a pool for shock treatments appropriate for both residential and commercial use accessible in varying quantities to suit any type of need Highly reliable at removing contaminants


an ext expensive for irreversible use than tablet computers Usually requires signatures because that delivery, limiting alternatives Not stabilized

Recap: The best Chlorine tablet computers for your Pool

Our study Criteria

Here are the factors that got in my research and also why the tablet computers I determined rose to the top. We’ll additionally dive right into some that the services of adding these tablets to your swimming pool are and also how to add them safely and also effectively.

Quality & Purity

Quality is a straightforward measure of purity and also the kind of chlorine used. Chlorine tablets space interesting because there no much variety in them. 98%-99% pure chemicals are practically unnoticeably various from every other when it involves pools. Greater purity is normally better, however 100% pure chlorine is impossible to sell and also ship in tablet form.

Stabilized vs. Unstabilized Chlorine

Depending ~ above what form of pool you have actually or as soon as you are including chlorine, you’ll want to pick either unstabilized or stabilized chlorine. So, us made sure to include options for both species here. For an ext information ~ above the an essential differences, check out my full article on unstabilized chlorine vs. Stabilized chlorine.

Effectiveness & capability to Spread

Chlorine tablets room effective since you know precisely how lot you’re putting in her pool. The an excellent tablets dissolve conveniently too, so us tested each one come make certain they spread across your swimming pool easily.


Most chlorine tablet computers really don’t differ every that lot in regards to quality. Therefore, price need to be a huge component of her search and was crucial factor because that me together well. I eliminated several brands that were simply simply too expensive for the simple product you’re getting.

Benefits Of including Chlorine Tablets

There room several significant benefits to adding chlorine tablet computers to her pool. This include:

Good because that Maintenance: High-quality chlorine tablet computers are an excellent for preserving the chlorine level in a pool, which act as a sanitizer because that your swimming pool water. This is very different from shocking a pool or adjusting the from a very low or high starting point. Low Effort: Tablets require less energetic use and maintenance when compared to other means of controlling chlorine. Most tablets critical at least a week, and replacing them takes seconds. Some people prefer tablet computers that last at the very least two weeks, however either way, these aid minimize the initiative needed to keep your pool.

How To include Chlorine tablets To your Pool

Here are the finest ways to add chlorine tablets to your residence pool.

Floating Chlorine Dispensers: Floating dispensers, together the surname implies, float around a swimming pool to deposit the chlorine. They’re largely passive and also move through the currents. However, these have the right to dispense too much chlorine in one location if they get stuck, for this reason make certain to get a dispenser that’s guaranteed to store moving. Direct Sprinkling: This just works with granules, but you have the right to sprinkle chlorine straight into your pool. This is more localized than various other methods, though, therefore make certain to walk approximately your pool and also ensure friend sprinkle some into different areas.

Always follow the instructions on any chlorine tablet computer products girlfriend buy. These products are safe when offered as directed, yet failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions could an outcome in serious damage or permanent damage to her pool.

And make certain to test your pool water chemistry through a check kit before you go adding a bunch of pool chemicals! inspect out our favorite test kit for recommendations.

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