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Decibels the the unit that volume, just how loud things go

hertz is how fast things change, the frequency (number ofchanges every second). As soon as you talk about music, differentfrequencies deserve to have a various volume. Friend can also measure thevolume in frequency ranges - look up : paragraphic equalizer forthe principle. Geert Fieuw past The Labyrinth-----------------------------------------------------------------------

+db= 10*log(p2/p1)

+db= 10*log(2watts/1watt)

+db= 10*log(2)

+db= 10*.30103

+3.0103= 10*log(2watts/1watt)

so dual the power you get 3db"s

so dual the sound you obtain 30dbs and p2 is 1000 time p1

+db= 10*log(p2/p1)

+db= 10*log(1000watts/1watt)

+db= 10*log(1000)

+30= 10*3

test signal to speak 60 Hz

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